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Years ago, when my father passed away, I started to research the family name.
In the beginning my goal was to find out as much as possible about the family name Klomberg, both past and present, as well as residing in the Netherlands and abroad.
At first it was quite easy to find a lot of information, but as I digged deeper into the past, the more difficult it became. Luckily these days you can get a lot of information via the internet, but the rest you have to get via government archives and various other sources.
Gradually through the years my interest has expanded. After the publication of two books about the family name Klomberg, in 1995 and 1998, more questions arose, not only about the Klomberg’s but also about their relatives with other family names.
My fascination has changed over the years from not just research the family name, but also my family tree. And not only for myself but also for my wife, Anja van Rijsewijk, as well as my Mother, Maria Janssen, and of course I am looking into the family tree of our son-in-law, François Pauwelsen, father of Duncan and Bryan, our grandchildern.

Recently I achieved a huge breakthrough with information about the ancestors of our founding mother Johanna Maria Driessen, the wife of our Dutch ancestor Gerhard Klomberg. Because of this it is now known that we descend from, among others, Charlemagne (02-04-748), but also from the English royal family (between 400 and 800)

All of this means that as things stand today (31-1-2018), there are 3536 individuals recorded on this site. For those of you that are interested, I have also created a total index of all surnames.

My family tree research can in actual fact now be split into five parts:

KLOMBERG (English)
van RIJSEWIJK (Dutch)

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