Family tree KLOMBERG

So what have I discovered up until now about the family Klomberg ?

It very quickly became obvious that our family originated from Germany, which is very close to where we live. In fact, all the Klomberg’s in the Netherlands are descendants of GERHARD Klomberg, born in 1857 in Schottheide in Germany, who moved in 1880 to Millingen-on-the-Rhine, married Johanna Driessen in 1887 and together helped to create a wealth of descendants in the Netherlands .

When you travel back even further in time, you will come across the oldest known Klomberg, JOHANN , born around the end of 1600 somewhere in the neighbourhood of Hannover.

I have also found a few other Klomberg’s, but so far I have not been able to connect them to my family tree. They are:

AUGUST Klomberg, born 1878 in Essen-Altendorf (Germany) , died 1956 in Oberhausen (Germany). His descendants are living in Germany.
ANTON Klomberg, born 1884 in Germany. There are not many names associated with this small German branch.
Another small German branch with few names associated with it: HEINRICH Klomberg, born in 1864.
Another small German branch with few names associated with it: WILHELM Klomberg, born in 1885.
JOSEPH Klomberg was born somewhere between 1850 to 1860. This branch originated from Poland and emigrated to America around 1913.
The founder of this branch, HEINRICH Klomberg, was born in 1850, and originated in Germany. They emigrated to America around 1925.
The founder of this branch, WILHELM Klomberg, was born in 1889, and originated in Germany. His descendants moved to Austria around 1939.
Finally, I have found some "individuals" with the name Klomberg, but information about them is almost nothing.

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