Researching our distant ancestors has shown many surprises.

The forefather of all Klombergs living in the Netherlands goes back (currently) to about the year 1600, but research into our maternal ancestor Johanna Driessen goes way back in time.

(This data was found on the internet, on various sites about the Dutch Nobility, Charlemagne, etc.)

Johanna Maria Driessen, the wife of Gerhard, a descendant of a very old and rich family (which means we are too). The research goes all the way back to the beginning of our era: the oldest known ancestor Clodius II VAN SICAMBRIA LORD OF FRANKS, born 56 BC, died 20
One of these ancestral lines goes back to Charlemagne (born 2 april 748) while other lines point to the English royal family (between 400 and 800).
Various overviews can be seen below:

pedigree (html) of Johanna
ancestor line (pdf) of Johanna

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